Founder of Wise Up Marketing Solutions Mary-Anne Amies, has worked for leading brands in Australia big and small, including Revlon, Holden, Berlei, KPMG, Elizabeth Arden, Hestia and Proton. Mary-Anne’s experience is varied and extensive, feel confident knowing Mary-Anne not only has a creative edge but also a focus on bottom line profit. Mary-Anne has taught Marketing at TAFE and is a workplace trainer for the Australian Careers Business College Business Administration students at businesses including the RBA and Cumberland Cabs.

With over 12 years experience in Marketing, Advertising, Product Development, Sponsorship and Brand Management, Wise Up Marketing Solutions has an answer for every question you have, big or small. (We even have a few years experience in Accounting and Financial Management under our belt). And if you throw us something new, we will research your question and provide you with a comprehensive solution.

We are a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses  reach their full potential (but we don’t discriminate on size), using strategies to maximise all the latest touch points to target consumers in relevant ways, with the emphasis on cost-effective solutions. A lot of our ideas will cost you just your time to implement! (And if you don’t have much of that, we can help you with implementation)

This blog will be used to keep you up to date with the latest marketing trends, provide simple explanations of new marketing tools and to share ideas we have for our clients, that may help you to develop your business too.

So if you have a question, ask me at maryanne@wiseupmarketing.com.au


Currently contributing to Leaders in Heels.


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